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Why Eat Organic Food?

What are organic foods and why does it matter that you eat them? Organic foods are foods that are grown without irradiation, without synthetic fertilizers, without transgenic seeds, and without agrochemicals that have not been approved by the OMRI list. Specifications on what type of fertilizers can be used in crop production include letting all types of animal manure rest for more than 120 hours before use and allowing the use of organic waste-based behaviors including bokashi and vermicompost. *

The agrochemicals approved by the OMRI list are those that have been proven not to negatively affect human health and the health of many beneficial insects that help with the biocontrol of pests in production, including our bees.

When you eat organic food, you are protecting your health and the health of your family because it does not contain residues of harmful agrochemicals and heavy metals that can make us sick. In addition, you are taking care of the health of the producers who grow our food and that of our planet.

When you think about doing your shopping every week, choose a better market. A market that takes care of your health and seeks to create a better world for our and future generations.

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*USDA Organic Standards

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