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With love

Sofia, Old

"I like to buy organic because I like to be sure that the food is free of pesticides and other harmful additives. The best thing is the convenience of ordering from the website and receiving the products at home"

Stephanie, Guatemala

“I love shopping at Botica Verde because I know that the suppliers have been selected with 100% quality in mind and benefit to the environment. I enjoy the comfort of receiving everything to the door of my house.”

Jose, Antigua

I ♥ LBV because of the consciousness behind its circular economy, respect for mother nature and living creatures, the kind transmission of permaculture knowledge, and the detail in every single one of its nutritious and delicious products.

Cass, Ancient

“As a working mom, with little time to spare, LBV makes providing quality organic produce and products for my family easy. They deliver directly to my home, their website is easy to navigate, plus their avocados are the BEST in Guate! Thanks LBV!”