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When my husband and I lived in Colorado, we had a Farmer's Market that we went to on the weekends where we could find all the organic products that we were looking for, packaged without plastics, harvested fresh that day, and that supported small and medium producers.

Upon returning to Guatemala, we wanted to continue living a green lifestyle, surrounded by organic food, ecological products and with a zero waste commitment. We looked for local places and producers that could provide us with the same experience but we couldn't find it. Every Saturday we would visit 5 different places to get what we were looking for. A typical Saturday for us looked something like this:

  • Farm - organic green leaves
  • Market - conventional fruits and vegetables
  • Organic shop - ecological hand soap and detergent
  • Supermarket - cheeses, yogurt, and juices
  • Local shop - bread

We finished doing all the shopping for the house around 3pm and we couldn't find all the organic and ecological products we were looking for. When I realized that I was not alone and that many of my friends were having the same problem, I decided to start La Botica Verde.

La Botica Verde was born from a commitment to protect our health and the health of the environment. For this reason our slogan is "love yourself, love your world." All the products that we promote in our store are products with a positive impact, which protect our natural resources, our health, and the health of our producers.

We started the online store because we wanted green products to be easily available in one place. That's why we have hundreds of products, we added the functionality of accepting credit or debit card payments online, and we make home deliveries. We want green products to be accessible to all those who are looking to take care of their health. That is also why our prices are so affordable and within reach.

When my husband and I buy from La Botica Verde we feel like we are voting with our money to create a better future. We buy without guilt because we know that the food was grown in systems that are in harmony with the environment and that they are not going to harm us, that the soaps that we are using at home are not going to contaminate our rivers, and that we are not generating so much garbage that it would end up in our seas. We feel that we have an ally in our health and we are happy when our orders arrive at our house week after week so that we can continue living a green lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy the LBV experience and that you join the green movement so that together we can create a better future 💚

With love,