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green chard

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products Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Organically grown.

Medical uses

Chard has numerous medicinal and nutritional applications, as it is emollient, refreshing, digestive, diuretic, diaphoretic and nutritious. The decoction of the leaves is used successfully in inflammation of the bladder and against constipation. It also provides valuable services in hemorrhoids and skin diseases. Chard in salad with lemon juice, serves to strengthen the stomach and invigorate the brain, as well as to reduce inflammation of the nerves. Against gallstones, take a glass of chard juice with watercress juice in equal parts on an empty stomach. As a laxative in cases of persistent constipation, take chard juice, the amount of half a glass, plus a tablespoon of olive oil.

In addition, chard is beneficial in the following diseases: inflammation of the kidneys, urethra and renal pelvis, liver disorders and inflammation of the gallbladder, liver and kidney colic, gout, rheumatism, diabetes, skin diseases such as eczema, ulcers, sores etc. ., bleeding from the intestines, inflammation of the duodenum, enterocolitis, asthma, urine suppression, difficult or painful urine emission, vomiting blood, etc. For all these cases, chard will be used in the form of salad or steamed, or better yet, the juice will be taken raw. The cooking of the roots is magnificent for liver diseases, for this it will be taken by cups. The fruits roasted like coffee and reduced to powder, take the amount of a tablespoon in a cup of plantain infusion or in a glass of rough wine,

Chard is used in abrasions and in general in inflammations of the skin. In poultice chard is used against zaratá (hardening or breast cancer), hemorrhoids, ulcers, wounds, sores. Against rheumatism, a poultice of fresh chard and celery leaves will be used, applied several times a day. In enemas, the cooked chard is used, especially the leaves to combat colds in the colon and relieve pressure in anguinal diarrhea. This enema is also magnificent in feverish states, particularly typhoid, but if you want to obtain a more energetic action, boil the well-crushed root with a little chamomile and mallow bark.

* http: //www.infoagro.com/hortalizas/acelga.htm


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Denisse B

Este producto siempre viene fresco y empacado ecológicamente.

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