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Beeswax Wraps - Pyrex Pack

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An ecological alternative to plastic. They can be used as a wrap or as a container for food and snacks, naturally preserving your food.
Our wraps are made from fabrics treated with beeswax, natural oils and tree resin. Beeswax is a natural antibacterial agent, while oil and tree resin make the wraps a good seal, flexible and durable.

What are they made of?
Our wraps are made of cotton fabric treated with beeswax, oils and natural resins.

What are they for?
To wrap, cover or store your food in a natural way.

Why are they better than Plastic?
Unlike plastic, beeswax is a non-toxic natural substance. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help keep food clean and reduce the risk of contamination. Beeswax is also waterproof, but still breathable, preventing food from getting soggy or rusting while locking in moisture, thus preserving flavor and freshness.

Does it have an odor, does it affect my food?
You will notice a pleasant beeswax aroma when you open your new Wax Wraps, but this will not affect your food and will diminish with time and use.

How do they work?
With the heat of your hands, the waxes and oils will become a little sticky, which will allow them to be molded to cover or seal food.

Can they be washed?
That's right, they should be washed with cold water and a mild soap, rubbing with your hands and without rubbing. Then they must be allowed to dry and they are ready to be reused.

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