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Propolis Tincture

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Propolis ( Propolis resin )

Wide-ranging antibacterial and bacteriostatic action, anesthetic, healing, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, antifungal and above all a positive action on immunological mechanisms.

As a preventative, in flu processes, colds, pharyngitis, laryngitis, toothache, mouth and throat infections, stomach infections, weak immune system, fevers. Externally: wounds, sores, disinfection of skin breaks.

The tinctures are liquid extracts of the plants that bear his name, obtained by macerating the plant in a solution of ethyl alcohol and distilled water (hydroalcoholic solution). The plants used come from natural crops and are meticulously selected and prepared, using those parts whose curative properties are widely known and proven.

They are generally offered in an alcoholic degree of 60º, which allows their preservation and durability for at least two (2) years.

Note: Tinctures usually need to be shaken before using, as plant resins tend to settle to the bottom of the container.

For an adult person of normal weight (about 60 kg), 25 drops three times a day when there is discomfort and illness. Take once a day for prevention. 

About Chikach:

Chikach products are handmade, one hundred percent Guatemalan and produced from raw materials of natural origin, under strict hygiene standards and with constant quality control. In this way, they generate something that we call triple benefit: they benefit whoever consumes them for their organic and natural properties, the environment for the ecological well-being that they promote, and the rural communities that make them because their purchase contributes to their sustainable development.

Customer Reviews

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Nunca nos falla

En mi casa siempre mantenemos tintura de propóleo. Cuando alguien inicia con síntomas de gripe o alguna otra enfermedad similar, inmediatamente empezamos a tomarlo, y siempre hace que mejoremos mucho más rápido de lo normal.

Definitivamente fortalece el sistema inmunológico.

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