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Taco Mix

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The Mix of Flavors brings:

3 Black Corn Tortillas
3 Yellow Corn Tortillas
3 Corn Tortillas with Chile Guaque
3 Corn Tortillas with Cilantro

They do not have any type of preservative. 100% natural.

El Comalote is a tortilla shop and kitchen focused on protecting and promoting the Creole and native corn of Guatemala

We want to return to consumers the true taste of corn and all its nutritional benefits.

At El Comalote we nixtamalize daily, becoming experts in each corn; the amount of quicklime, water, and rest times. This is how we guarantee the best flavor, color and texture of our products.

We do not use cornmeal or modified corn.

We seek to recover the sensory quality of corn-based products, which is being lost due to the use of genetically modified corn and flour.

Currently, 90% of Creole corn production is for the producer's self-consumption. Producers sell their surplus and due to lack of economic incentives, this production is increasingly scarce. When the market demands cheaper modified corn, it is normal for the supply of native corn to decrease.

We cannot allow more than 5,000 years of our history to be lost. Corn is our food, we are made of corn.

It is very important for us to promote fair trade and revalue this great work of the farmer. We are a team and that is how we are managing to fulfill our mission. It is a job that goes from the producer to the final consumer. We all contribute!

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