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Our promise

At Cinco Azul we select the best products, those that meet the highest quality and sustainability standards, to take care of your health, the health of our producers and the health of our planet. We promise to always put your well-being and the well-being of our planet before any profit. So we can together create a better world. If we offer you a product in our store, it is because it has one or more of these stamps:

How does it work?

100% online store (we do not have a physical store)

Payments by credit / debit card or by bank transfer. We do not accept payments on delivery.

Minimum order of Q200 + shipping of Q15

We close orders every day at 9 AM for next day deliveries

If your order enters us after 9am on Friday and before 9pm on Sunday, it will go to Monday

Deliveries throughout Guatemala City & Antigua (Mon-Sat), Xela and Lake Atitlan (Fridays only)

Our Favorites

Our Impact


Write us by WhatsApp at +502 3214-3277