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The Wisdom of Our Bodies to Heal


By: JP Canale

If you are traveling pleasantly in your vehicle and suddenly notice that the "Oil Change" light comes on, what do you do, pay attention to the warning and change the oil in the car or simply turn off the light hoping to forget the problem?

Our bodies work in a similar way when we experience some physical symptom. The problem is that we have been programmed to believe that this is the villain of the novel, and with the desire to eradicate it at all costs, or to -take away the oil change light- we take "the pill" (or six), avoiding in this way find the root problem. Our body speaks to us and the symptom is its language.

We must understand that many pharmaceutical pills (such as anti-inflammatories, antacids, aspirins, etc.), are not designed to "cure" physical imbalances. Rather, they interfere in natural and necessary biological processes of the body, to prevent it from performing its natural functions and we stop perceiving the symptom. But the basic imbalance persists and, if the symptom is ignored, it generally returns and with a gold tooth. In turn, chemical drugs are not only accompanied by side effects (especially when taken for a long time) but also generate great expense for our pocket and for the state.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against these medicines. Used in an appropriate and conscious way, in cases of acute crises, accidents, infections, etc. They are miraculous and even save lives. They have their place in medicine and that must be recognized. However, the indiscriminate use of these, without treating the root problem, many times cause more problems of
those who solve and most of the time do not get to the heart of the matter.

All this I have learned and experienced firsthand in the last 2 years of my life. To put you in context and without the desire to victimize myself for the challenges, much less to brag about the successes, I share my story. My intention is to highlight the words that I write above and give you hope that, in my experience, there are ways to treat chronic health problems in natural and benign ways and with the minimum consumption of pills possible. Also the
importance that good organic nutrition, positive thinking and what we consume in itself has on our health.

My story: After 6 years married and trying to have children with my wife, in 2016 and having passed endless medical exams, uncomfortable, somewhat offensive and which honestly required a lot of imagination that I hadn't required since I was a teenager, I went diagnosed with infertility. The doctor told us that my situation was so complex that with artificial insemination and subjecting my wife to intense and invasive hormone treatment, we had a 15-20% chance that she would get pregnant. As if that were not enough, each treatment would cost around Q.15,000 and the insurance that I have been paying since I was 21 years old would not cover it. I felt so guilty and powerless (literally and figuratively) that because of "my problem" I would deprive my wife of having such a wonderful experience of being a mother. To add the icing on the cake to the story, a week later I was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory condition of supposed Autoimmune origin that the doctors called incurable and that would progress irreversibly and relentlessly until I was literally crippled and dependent on others. -But don't worry Pablito- were the
Doctor's words, -we can stop it (not cure it) with a strong course of immune suppressants- which, taken for the rest of my life, would literally stop my immune system from doing its job. Thus exposing myself to any virus, fungus, etc. I would put my life at risk. Meanwhile, and as a "palliative" means, he prescribed a medicine that could, as a side effect, leave me blind. -although it is generally well tolerated- were, again, the words
of "comfort" from the Doctor. Today I know and recognize that the Doctor did his job and gave me the best he could and I thank him, but at that moment, his words did nothing but enrage me and totally disempower me. I felt like my body was betraying me. I left the clinic devastated with the last words of the Dr. recorded in my mind -But please don't go somatizing me

With the blood tests in hand, like a life sentence, I felt like a hole in the ground was sucking me in. I wished I was in a dream, but never woke up. I thought I was being punished by a vengeful and unfair God. I couldn't believe that this was all that modern Medicine had to offer me!! Not only could I not give my wife children, but on top of that, she would have to take care of me for the rest of our lives together. What a package!! I thought.

The victimization took over me, without suspecting that a year and a half later, I would be with my daughter in my arms (without the need for a single medical treatment of insemination or hormones or anything like that) and with a new "set" of examinations of blood evidencing the reversibility of something considered irreversible. All this I achieved by changing my diet, from an unconscious to a conscious and mostly organic one, healing my gut with herbs and working on my emotion and spirit. Today I am grateful for the symptom and I take it as a guide for my body, which alerts me when it is time for an "oil change". Today too, I listen to him.

To find out what I did and the rest of the story, read the next blog.

Juan Pablo Canale Bio Zone Guatemala

John Paul Canale

JP attends the Biozon clinic. To make your appointment you can call 2331-9805 or write to them on Facebook through:https://www.facebook.com/biozonguatemala/

Everything written on this blog is my opinion based on personal experience and I do not claim to treat any specific disease or give medical advice. Any questions you can consult a health specialist.

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