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Vegan Sushi

Delicious Vegan Sushi recipe! ✨💙🥢

Sushi rice
Oyster mushrooms
Sesame oil
Soy sauce
✅ Mineral soda
✅ Nori (soon available in store)

Instructions ⬇️

1) Soak the sushi rice for 30min in water at a time.

2) Strain the rice and rinse it

3) Cook normal rice (ratio of 2 water to 1 rice)

4) When the rice is ready, you transfer it to a bowl to cool (the rice has to be at the same time so that it does not break the nori)

5) When the rice is ready, put the shiny side of the nori down, add the rice, add sesame seeds, put the mushroom and vegetable flakes and roll it up so that it is compacted (leave a strip of nori to add water to).

6) To cut the sushi, put water in a bowl, use the sharpest knife you have and dip it in the water so that a drop runs on the edge of the knife and cut in a saw shape and very carefully.

Tip: you can mix a little vinegar and sugar and add it to the rice, this makes a kind of fermentation, however it is not necessary.

Enjoy it!!!

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