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Ramón flour

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Ramón flour

Presentation: 1 Lb
Producer Name: AMUL
Origin: Macanche Village, Petén
Ingredients: ground ramon

What is Ramón's seed?
The ramón seed comes from a tree known in Petén as the €œarbol de la vida€ or ramón tree (Brosimum alicastrum), and in Petén it is where the largest quantity of ramón trees in the country is produced, being one of the three most abundant species in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. 

The ramón seed is recognized as the traditional Mayan food (Maya Nut), basic in the diet, especially of the families of Petén. 

It is a non-timber forest product, because it is a seed that comes from trees and is harvested manually. The tree bears fruit twice a year, the first from March to May and the second from August to October, when the fruit falls to the ground various animals such as squirrels or monkeys eat it and leave the seed behind. 

In Petén, the group of women from the Muralla de León Association are dedicated to collecting these seeds, washing them and drying them, then browning them and passing them to the mill where they are transformed into flour. 

Although it is a seed known in Petén and in some other departments of the country for its multiple benefits, it has not yet been exploited by Guatemalans, but it has been used by countries like Japan and the United States, who are the largest consumers of this natural product. 

Nutritional : 
Ramón flour could be considered a super food for its nutritional properties such as: vitamins B2, B5, C and E, calcium, folate, iron, zinc, dietary fiber, proteins, these nutritional properties are higher than other more important products commercial such as corn, wheat or rice, in addition, they have a high content of folic acid, free of caffeine and gluten. 

Flour can be a nutritious additive in many foods and beverages such as smoothies, bread, tortillas, pancakes, pizza, sauces, coffee, cakes, ice cream, and more.

In 2019, ramón flour was included in the School Feeding program of the Ministry of Education for this year 2020, with the aim of promoting the health of students, by stimulating the consumption of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates for development. physical and intellectual of the student.

The benefits are not only nutritional, since the harvest of large extensions of the ramón tree called ramonales, has multiple benefits:

Economic : 
Because at harvest time a person can earn up to an average of Q200.00 quetzales in one day for the collection of ramón seeds, which is equivalent to more than double the minimum wage in Guatemala.
This sustainable use of the seed, allows generating income with the commercialization of ramón flour or with finished products such as cookies or cakes. 

The harvest of ramón trees allows the natural regeneration of the forest landscape, in addition, the maintenance and conservation of the Selva Petenera, the generation of oxygen, the conservation of soils and water, and is a source of food for not only wild fauna but also for pets. 
Up to 80% of the total seeds can be collected and used by humans, the rest is left as food for wild animals such as squirrels, deer or monkeys that feed on the fruit and leave the seed, and for domestic animals such as horses. , cows, pigs, goats and sheep because they can feed on the leaves of the ramón tree, which allows the implementation of silvopastoral systems, which is basically the combination of trees, forage and animals in a mutually beneficial way. 
The ramón tree is truly multipurpose because it not only allows its seeds to be used as a non-timber forest product, its leaves and fruits as animal feed, it is also possible to take advantage of its wood, which also makes it a timber forest product. Its wood is precious and little known in Guatemala and the world. 

healing properties:
Contains tryptophan that helps lower blood pressure and sleep. Ideal for the sick, recently operated, pregnant, andropause, fights anemia, constipation, arthritis, osteoporosis and stress. 

In conclusion, the sustainable use of Ramón seeds makes it possible to contribute to improving the livelihoods of the group of women from the Asociación Muralla de León AMUL who live from the forests, but also allows the conservation of the natural resources of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve. , a clear example that people and nature can thrive in harmony. 

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Lus Molina

favor enviar las facturas después de la compra, muchas gracias.

Víctor Manuel Pérez Herrera
Producto de excelencia

La Arina del árbol de Ramón es un excelente predicto natural amigable con el medio ambiente y con muchas propiedades nutricionales

Monnica Valdes

Excelente experiencia!!!

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