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Interview - Finca Santa Augusta

How did Finca Santa Augusta start?

Productos SANTA AUGUSTA arises as a desire, a need and a dream come true, given the fact of having the place, the space, the desire and conviction to start a project that was not only to sell but also to make an environmental impact, to be able to generate sources of income, employment for people in the community, educate and raise awareness through our products and ourselves, be able to have the most natural food possible for ourselves and society in general, love and respect animals, support the conscious consumption and respect the natural origin and quality of our products.

Why your focus on organic farming?

Because we believe in it, because it should be a responsibility of all of us who love our planet.

How has this work been received in Guatemala?

We have had a good acceptance by the Guatemalan society that we have managed to reach through our products.

What have been your biggest challenges so far?

Have enough production for the demand we have.

What have been your biggest achievements so far?

Grow and develop but with objectivity, security and responsibility.

Where do you think the project is going in the future?

To continue growing, have more production and sales, more customers and people who know about us.

What change would you like to see in Guatemala? Because?

A change that we would love to see is environmental, of course the first step must be educational. The one to really love Guatemala and respect it!

What inspiring message would you leave people reading this interview?

Fight and work hard for your convictions, for your desires and dreams, that yes you can but it doesn't come without work, without respect and responsibility.

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