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Dog Food - Beef

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BARFULY is a lifestyle for animal lovers, seeking to give them the best possible opportunity to keep them sharing a quality and healthy life with us. Raw food is a 100% balanced, complete and nutritious meal, prepared with fresh ingredients without added preservatives or chemicals, just what your pet is genetically prepared to digest.

All meats are cooked. If you wish to place an order with raw meat, please contact us.

BARFULY's food instructions

- The containers that are delivered to you each week must be stored in the freezer, in this way the food will always remain fresh and well preserved.
- To feed, you must take the food out of the freezer approximately 8 to 10 hours before, so that the food thaws and it is fed at room temperature. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE.
- You must give your pet food on its plate and not in transport containers.
- The containers are returnable to avoid producing garbage

It is recommended:
- Wash your pet's food dishes after each meal to avoid any residue that could contaminate the new food.
- Give them filtered water and not direct from the tap, to avoid that they daily ingest chemicals added to common use water.

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