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Pesto Chicken in Air Fryer

Delicious Oregano Pesto Chicken in Air Fryer! Ingredients: For the chicken🔽 ▪️2 Pieces of chicken rump and leg ▪️ Oregano pesto ▪️ Salt ▪️ Pepper ▪️1 teaspoon of baking soda For the quinoa salad 🔽 ▪️1 cup of quinoa ▪️1 diced tomato ▪️1/2 red onion in thin slices ▪️4 leaves of chopped romaine lettuce ▪️1/2 cucumber Dressing: ▪️1 lemon ▪️1 tsp apple cider vinegar ▪️1/4 cup toasted sunflower seeds ▪️Salt and pepper ▪️4 tablespoons of yogurt ▪️ 1 tbsp. tahini Preparation: ▫️ Season the chicken with the pesto, salt, pepper and baking soda and let it rest for 30 min....

Vegan Sushi

Delicious Vegan Sushi recipe! ✨💙🥢 Ingredients: ✅ Sushi rice ✅ carrot ✅ Cucumber ✅ Avocado ✅ Oyster mushrooms ✅ Sesame oil ✅ Soy sauce ✅ Orange ✅ Mineral soda ✅ Nori (soon available in store) Instructions ⬇️ 1) Soak the sushi rice for 30min in water at a time. 2) Strain the rice and rinse it 3) Cook normal rice (ratio of 2 water to 1 rice) 4) When the rice is ready, you transfer it to a bowl to cool (the rice has to be at the same time so that it does not break the nori) 5) When...

Energy balls for healthy lunches

For the energy balls you need: - Date paste - Amaranth Poporop - Chia - Crushed macadamias - honey - Strawberry jam These energy balls are a great option for children since they give them energy and are made from natural sweeteners with super foods.

The Importance of Maintaining an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Why is it important to eat an anti-inflammatory diet? By eating certain foods that our body considers "foreign", it becomes inflamed in order to protect us. But when we eat these "foreign" foods too frequently, the process of over-inflammation makes us more vulnerable to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and even Alzheimer's! These are the foods that can inflame our body. Try to avoid eating them at all or if you are going to eat them, do not eat them very frequently: - Refined carbohydrates such as white bread and processed foods - Desserts and things that contain too...

Why Eat Organic Food?

What are organic foods and why does it matter that you eat them? Organic foods are foods that are grown without irradiation, without synthetic fertilizers, without transgenic seeds, and without agrochemicals that have not been approved by the OMRI list. Specifications on what type of fertilizers can be used in crop production include letting all types of animal manure rest for more than 120 hours before use and allowing the use of organic waste-based behaviors including bokashi and vermicompost. * The agrochemicals approved by the OMRI list are those that have been proven not to negatively affect human health and...